Terms and Conditions


General Terms and Conditions (GTC) of Söderby-Boden Oy Ab (Island riddles)



In cooperation with its partners, Söderby-Boden Oy Ab offers a walking trail in Pellinge. This is a permanently installed walking trail, called “Island riddle” (referred to throughout this document as “Island riddle” or “trail”).

The trail consists of an invisible track and various stations. These stations involve a game, a device and/or a description - solving these will reveal the way to the next station. If the task cannot be solved within a few minutes a SMS or telephone helpline is available to provide help.
These GTC govern the contractual rights and duties between Söderby-Boden and the participants in the Island riddle.


1. Contractual parties

1.1 Provider

The company Söderby-Boden Oy Ab with its registered office in Pellinge (referred to throughout as “Söderby-Boden” or “provider”). The provider cooperates with selected partners to be able to offer Island riddle as a complete package.

1.2 Participants

The participants (referred to throughout as: “participants” or “customers”) are classified as individuals or groups:

- “Individuals” are smaller groups of between two and six persons who follow a trail on foot.

- “Groups” are larger groups of at least 10 persons who follow a trail only on foot.


2. Terms of agreement

2.1 Offering
Söderby-Boden offers its services online on its website.

2.2 Booking

2.2.1 Individuals
By clicking the “order” button, individuals make a binding offer to purchase an Island riddle event. The contract with an individual is effective when Söderby-Boden sends an e-mail with a confirmation of reservation and the Island riddle instructions.

2.2.2 Groups
Groups request a non-binding offer from Söderby-Boden by telephone or e-mail. The contract valid when Söderby-Boden sends an e-mail with the order confirmation.

2.2.3 Acknowledgement of the terms of contract
By booking an Island riddle, all participants unconditionally acknowledge the prices shown online (individuals) or the prices listed in the offer including the event management fee (groups) and these GTC.

2.3 Payment
Individuals pay for the Island riddle online.

For group bookings, Söderby-Boden will send an invoice for the total amount by post or e-mail.

If a payment owing has to be claimed through legal action (default summons) despite due reminder, the participant will be charged an additional free of EUR 100 as compensation for the costs incurred by Söderby-Boden.


3. Amendments to the contract

3.1 Individuals

3.1.1 No cancellation
Bookings cannot be cancelled but only amended or postponed. In the event of participants being unable to take part, individuals must inform the provider immediately. Changes must be done 24 hours before the original starting time. The Island riddle booking can be changed by contacting the Island riddle customer service.

3.1.2 Changing a booking
The number of participants can be increased to a maximum of six participants. This can be done by taking contact with our customer service. The participants can switch free of charge to a different time on the same day. The changes must be done 24 hours before the original starting time. The Island riddle booking can be changed by contacting the Island riddle customer service.

3.2 Groups

3.2.1 No cancellation

Bookings cannot be cancelled but only amended or postponed.

3.2.2 Changing a booking

The number of participants can be reduced at the latest eight days prior to the start date booked. Note that the smallest group size is six persons. In the event of the number of participants being reduced seven days or less prior to the start date, 100 percent of the initial order will be invoiced.

3.2.3 Change of start date

A booking may be changed to a different date with vacant start times; a processing fee of EUR 50 will be charged.

If participation by the group cannot be postponed to an alternative date, the full amount of the order will be charged.


4. Scope of service

4.1 Own services

Island riddle include various services. The trail is continuously improved and therefore, there may be slight differences between two bookings. Söderby-Boden retains the right to alter the services presented on the website also on short notice.

The provider’s catalogue of services includes the following services:

- use of the booked Island riddles

- reservation and information services

- use of the helpline by SMS or phone

- services in connection with the Island riddle, such as rental devices

The catalogue of services listed in the confirmation of reservation and/or order will be exclusively decisive for the specific scope of service by the provider.

The Island riddle booking confirmation entitles the holder to use the trail, the devices required for the game.



5. Warranty

Island riddle is an outdoor activity and the control points are publicly accessible.

Despite regular checks it is therefore possible that single control points are out of order (or not fully in use) for a short period of time. In such a case, the participants do not have any warranty claims against Söderby-Boden.

The exclusion of warranty also applies for the non-availability of guidance, instructions or other information.


6. Terms of participation

6.1 Requirements for participants

Participants should be able to complete a walk on footpaths and orientate themselves with the use of a map. This requires an average sense of direction. No local or regional knowledge is required.

A minimum age of six years is recommended. For school classes, there is a recommendation for participation from the 1st grade. 

Children may only participate if accompanied by parents or a supervisor who must be at least 16 years of age. Each team must include at least one person over 16 years of age. 


6.2 Equipment needed by participants

The following equipment is needed for the participation in Island riddle:

- at least one mobile phone (smartphone) capable of receiving and making calls per team; all calls and usage charges are borne by the participants.

- leisure clothing and good shoes suitable for completing the trail under the prevailing weather conditions.


7. Liability and insurance

Participants complete the Island riddle at their own risk. It is up to each individual participant to get an insurance.

Söderby-Boden does not accept any liability for direct or indirect personal injuries or damage to property incurred as a result of using Island riddle and the individual control points on the trail.

This exclusion of liability also applies in the event of unlawful intent and gross negligence on the part of an Island riddle employee. The only exceptions to this are in the event of unlawful intent and gross negligence on the part of the provider itself.


8. Data protection

For the purpose of booking an Island riddle, data is collected, stored and processed in accordance with the provisions of the law.

Personal data such as the data communicated when placing an order or by e-mail (e.g. name and contact details) are only used for correspondence with the customer and processed only for the purpose for which the data was provided. Personal data will only be passed on to third parties where necessary to fulfil the business purpose. Personal data may also be passed on where there is a legal obligation to do so or the customer has explicitly consented.

Any services provided by third parties that are used for processing and handling purposes will be subject to the provisions of data protection legislation. The customer consents to the data of all participants being passed on to helpline staff and the partner businesses involved for the purposes of handing queries and dealing with emergencies.


9. Copyright

The copyrights and all other rights to the Island riddle, Island riddle instructions, plans, images, texts and other materials from Söderby-Boden remain the property of the provider in all cases.

Any kind of copying, duplication, passing on or publication of the Island riddle idea, the Island riddle instructions and/or other products by Söderby-Boden, whether in electronic or non-electronic form, is forbidden and will be prosecuted under civil and/or criminal law.


12. Other general provisions

12.1 Severability clause and completeness

Should any provision of the agreement between Söderby-Boden and its customers be or become invalid, this will not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. The contractual parties will replace the invalid provision with an effective provision that is as close as possible to the intended economic impact of the invalid provision. This provision applies according to the mutatis mutandis principle concerning any loopholes in the agreement.

12.2 Amendments to the GTC

Söderby-Boden retains the right to amend these GTC as necessary at any time and without prior notice. The version available on the website as of the time of conclusion of the contract shall apply.


12.3 Place of jurisdiction and applicable law

The contractual relationship between the provider and customers is subject to Finnish law. The exclusive place of jurisdiction for any disputes arising therefrom is the Court of Helsinki, Finland.


Date: April 2018